Robert Powell III




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Robert Powell III is a stand-up comedian and political satirist. Born in Monroe, Louisiana - Robert attended University of Louisiana at Monroe before getting his Masters’ degree in Political Science from Texas Christian University.

After graduating, Robert began working for the City of Monroe, immediately becoming the youngest member of the Mayor's Executive team. Robert stayed here and worked his way all the way up to Deputy Chief of Staff before  moving to Baton Rouge to continue his political career. Robert was named Special Assistant during the Bobby Jindal Administration-- an appointed position. Robert also served as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Labor Johnny Myles Riley, his old boss from the City of Monroe. Even as a rising star on the Louisiana political scene, Robert’s desire to become a stand-up comedian put him at a crossroads, and eventually his superiors at his day job gave him an ultimatum – either comedy or politics. Thankfully, Robert chose comedy.


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